Best AI Tools For Education And Learning (2024)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is having an impact, on the field of education. It is revolutionizing teaching and learning by introducing personalized learning experiences and automated grading systems. In this guide we will delve into the AI applications that are transforming education in the year 2024.

1. AI Tutoring Systems For Personalized Learning

The field of education is being revolutionized by AI driven tutors. These advanced tutoring systems evaluate students abilities and knowledge to provide tailored lessons practice exercises and feedback. This enables students to learn at their pace following a path that is best suited to their needs and learning preferences.

Some of the best AI tutoring tools in 2024 include:

Quizlet AI Tutoring

Quizlet uses AI to create personalized study plans and lessons that target students’ weak areas. The AI tutor also provides real-time feedback and explanations as students practice concepts.

Century AI Tutor

Century’s AI tutor analytics identify knowledge gaps to serve up customized problem sets for students to reach mastery. Educators also gain insights to provide tailored support.

Mathpresso AI Tutor

For math learning, Mathpresso features an AI tutor with speech recognition for answering questions verbally. It creates customized math lessons and feedback for K-12 students.

2. AI-Powered Essay Writing Apps

Essay writing takes practice – and AI writing assistants help students at all levels perfect their essay writing abilities. Using natural language processing (NLP), the best AI essay tools provide constructive feedback, catch plagiarism, offer writing templates, and even auto-generate content.


QuillCloud is a free AI writing app featuring QuillBot to paraphrase essays and provide grammar and plagiarism check. Users also get style options like Compare mode to improve essay drafts. saves teachers time with AI that auto-checks essay assignments for quality, comprehension, and plagiarism. The dashboard allows teachers to rapidly review multiple essays.


WriteSonic offers top-notch AI writing assistance integrated with Microsoft Word. Students can rewrite essays, understand feedback, and cite sources easily.

AI Tools

3. AI Reading Apps For Building Comprehension

AI reading assistant tools listen, summarize, define words, translate text, and assess reading levels to boost comprehension. This allows learners to grow vocabulary and become critical readers at their skill level.

Osmo Reader

Osmo Reader uses AI and computer vision to track students’ real-time reading speed, accuracy, and focus time to improve fluency. The app is game-based to motivate learning.

Quizlet Vocab Assistant

Quizlet’s digital study tools include an AI vocab app. It uses speech recognition and NLP to define words and reinforce vocabulary through interactive games.

WiseRead AI

WiseRead immerses students in books using AI to determine text complexity. The tool promotes reading growth by making recommendations, defining hard words, and testing comprehension.

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4. AI Tools For Automated Grading

Educators can save time assessing student work with AI grading apps. Using NLP and machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of sample submissions, these tools provide fast, high-quality feedback.


Gradescope allows teachers to assign open-ended work with reliable AI grading. Administrators can also track grading analytics at scale.


WriteLab offers an automated essay grading service using AI that considers vocabulary, ideas, structure, and conventions. Students quickly get scores and feedback to revise drafts.

Mathbot automatically grades math work including algebraic expressions, integrals, derivatives, and more. The AI solution creates stepped solutions and rich feedback.

5. AI Language Learning Apps

Whether you want to pick up some basic Spanish or achieve mastery in Chinese, AI language learning apps make mastering a second language fun and effective. With conversational AI tutors, speech recognition, and adaptive curriculum, these apps personalize training based on strengths and weaknesses.


A popular free app, Duolingo uses AI to tailor courses to each learner’s abilities. Gamification makes achieving fluency engaging through staged levels and incentives.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone’s language program leverages speech recognition technology enabling learners to hone pronunciation with AI tutors. Adaptive training focuses on building hard skills.


Busuu features AI conversational tutors for practicing conversations in 12 languages. Users also connect in a community to get feedback from native speakers.

AI Tools

6. AI Virtual Classroom Assistants

AI classroom assistants save teachers time on administrative tasks so they can focus on students. These virtual helpers act like an extra pair of hands by taking attendance, assessing work, adapting lesson plans, and providing tech support.

Teacher’s Assistant

This AI classroom aid byaskell takes attendance, calculates grades, proctors exams, records lessons, and more. Teachers maintain control of data while automating routine tasks.

Century creates personalized lessons and student groupings powered by AI. It also generates formative assessments so teachers can target each student’s needs.

GoGuardian Teacher Assistant

Specifically for K-12 teachers, GoGuardian’s classroom aide automates tasks like taking attendance and documenting student conduct. This saves 20 hours per teacher annually.

7. AI Proctoring Software

Remote exams and distance learning demand trustworthy student authentication and anti-cheating measures. AI proctoring platforms use machine vision and data forensics to uphold academic integrity from anywhere.


Proctorio can monitor live video/audio feeds using AI during remote exams. Automated or human reviews ensure secure test-taking environments.


Using advanced eye movement tracking, Honorlock’s AI proctor knows if students look away from the test screen potentially to cheat. Instant alerts notify staff of concerns.


Examsoft recently added AI proctoring to its assessment platform. The tech captures facial, voice, and gaze biometrics to detect impersonation or rule violations.

8. AI Job Skills Training Tools

Workplace readiness demands adaptability as automation alters jobs. AI-powered online learning platforms allow students to gain career-ready digital skills needed for in-demand roles of the future.

IBM SkillsBuild

Leveraging AI curation, SkillsBuild aggregates over 11,400 courses to upskill learners in tech positions. Nanodegree plans unlock career mentoring.


Coursera partners with 200+ leading companies to teach job-relevant skills through AI personalized learning. Degree certificates verify career readiness.


Udacity’s AI powered programs include project-based courses in fields like machine learning and data science. Industry experts coach students to become job ready.


AI is making measurable impacts in assessment, administration, accessibility, and achievement for both students and teachers. Automating rote tasks allows educators to create inspiring, meaningful experiences that empower the next generation of leaders. While AI tutors escalate personalized feedback, AI classroom assistants give teachers superpowers to focus on student relationships and wellbeing.

Adopting the right blends of AI innovation stands to unlock learning potential for all on an unprecedented scale. The future looks bright for more creative and impactful teaching strategies enhanced by artificial intelligence collaborations.

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