8 YouTube Channels to Learn About Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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It might be confusing to start a new learning journey, particularly in a field as complicated as artificial intelligence (AI). But do not worry! Our goal is to make learning easy and fun for you without breaking the bank. Bid farewell to your never-ending quest for the ideal course and hello to these amazing YouTube channels that provide a plethora of free AI knowledge.

We offer comprehensive educational courses as well as interactive content to suit your needs. There is something for everyone on these channels because they accommodate different learning methods. Are you prepared to delve into the intriguing field of artificial intelligence and master it without having to pay any money?

YouTube channels dedicated to AI have become important sources for anyone trying to learn more about AI and keep up with the newest developments. These channels provide an enjoyable and approachable way to learn about artificial intelligence, ranging from talks of cutting-edge technology to enlightening lessons by professionals in the field. Here are our top 6 choices for the top AI YouTube channels as of February 2024, ranked on views, videos, and subscribers. Don’t hesitate to check them out:

YouTube Channels to Learn about AI (artificial intelligence)

Matt Wolfe

With currently 217 videos, Matt Wolfe is a tech fanatic, and all he does is talk about tech. If you want to learn about AI, what’s happening in the sector, what to look out for, and the future of AI – check out Matt Wolfe’s YouTube channel. His videos will discuss news in the AI sector, whilst also reviewing tools and products – saving you a lot of the hard work. Learn about ChatGPT, AI Music, Generative Art, and more tutorials with a no-code and futurism concept.

AI Explained

Another YouTube channel that excels at simplifying complex AI processes, products, and mechanisms for everyday people is AI Explained. Whether you’re a novice in the AI world or a seasoned tech enthusiast, this channel has something for everyone. Sit back and enjoy ultimate reviews on new AI products, along with insightful discussions on what these innovations mean for the future.

Two Minute Papers

Are you trying to learn about AI but find yourself too busy to spare the time? Fear not! Check out the Two Minute Papers YouTube channel, where you can dive into the latest AI and machine learning research projects—explained in just 2 minutes! With over 1.5 million subscribers, Two Minute Papers makes learning about AI research papers fun and interactive. So, even with a hectic schedule, you can stay updated and engaged in the world of AI.


Andrew Ng founded DeepLearning in 2017. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has quickly become one of the most popular and rapidly expanding venues for AI education. By providing carefully designed AI programs and fostering a lively community, it responds to the increasing need for top-notch AI education.

The platform prioritizes quality and accessibility in its educational offerings, under the leadership of a prominent player in the AI field, Andrew Ng. Its superior courses, which give students useful AI abilities, demonstrate its dedication to excellence.

Deep Knowledge. The focus AI places on creating a tight-knit community of learners and encouraging cooperation and knowledge-sharing makes it stand apart. Utilizing its interactive platform, students may contact specialists, take part in discussions, and obtain an abundance of resources to augment their comprehension of artificial intelligence.

The AI Advantage

Ever wondered how you could integrate AI tools and services into your daily routine? Look no further than the AI Advantage YouTube channel! This channel delves into practical ways to leverage AI for a competitive edge in the business world and enhance productivity in your tasks. Whether you’re seeking insights on business strategies or tips for optimizing your workflow, AI Advantage has you covered. Tune in and unlock the potential of AI in your day-to-day life!

MattVidPro AI

You only need to visit the MattVidPro AI YouTube channel to stay up to date on the newest developments in artificial intelligence. The newest technologies and their potential are the main focus of this channel’s extensive coverage of all things AI. To save you the trouble of figuring things out on your own, you’ll find helpful instructions that demonstrate exactly how to harness these AI capabilities.

Lex Fridman

This YouTube channel videos on create including computer vision, deep learning, robotics, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, and more are available on this channel, along with the Lex Fridman Podcast. MIT research scientist Lex Fridman interviews the most important and motivating people in AI and technology.

Siraj Raval

Maybe you want to see the fun side of these AI tools. Well, now you can with Siraj Raval’s YouTube channel! Siraj Raval blends the educational side of AI with entertainment, making learning about AI and its concepts fun and interactive. Discover the exciting and engaging things you can create with AI tools like ChatGPT.

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Learning doesn’t have to always involve procedures and be very technical. In addition to staying current with developments in the field of artificial intelligence, learning via interactive videos, opinionated articles, and tutorials is another effective technique for choosing the area you’re interested in.

Please leave a comment if you know of any more excellent YouTube channels that our readers might find useful.

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