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Carrom pool mod apk has become one of the most popular multiplayer pool games for Android. With gorgeous graphics, easy controls, and tons of customization options, it’s easy to see why carrom pool is so addictive.

In this guide, for beginners you will discover all the information about carrom pool mod apk. We will delve into what sets it from the game provide instructions on how to download and install it highlight the top mods and hacks available offer tips to improve your chances of winning matches and much more. Whether you are a novice, in carrom pool or aiming to elevate your skills this guide is designed to meet your needs.

What is Carrom Pool Mod Apk?

Carrom pool mod apk is a modified version of the original carrom pool game for Android. It’s developed by Miniclip and allows you to play online 1v1 or with friends.

The mod apk comes bundled with premium features like unlimited coins, guideline hack, auto-win, no ads, and more. These handy mods provide a major advantage over regular players.

Some key benefits of using carrom pool mod include:

  • Access to unlimited coins to purchase cues and upgrades
  • Guideline hack for perfect shots every time
  • Auto-win mod to effortlessly win matches
  • No ads for uninterrupted gameplay
  • Customized sticks, tables, and rules

Overall, the mod apk delivers a more exciting and addictive carrom experience. Let’s look at how to get it on your device.

How to Download and Install Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Downloading and installing the modded version of carrom pool is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall any existing version of carrom pool from your device.
  2. Download the latest carrom pool mod apk from a trusted source online. Make sure to get one with all your desired hacks.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings to allow installation of apps from unknown sources.
  4. Install the downloaded mod apk file and tap open when complete.
  5. Log in using your Miniclip account credentials or sign up for a new account.

And that’s it! The modded version of carrom pool will be ready to play in no time. Make sure to disable ads and enable your preferred hacks for the best experience.

Carrom Pool Mod Apk aim hack

Top Carrom Pool Mods and Hacks

Now let’s explore some of the best carrom pool mods and hacks available in modded versions. These handy tweaks give you a competitive edge over normal players.

Unlimited Coins

Running out of coins in the original game for upgrades can be frustrating. The unlimited coins mod gives you endless coins to purchase everything you want. Buy new strikers, tables, power-ups and keep playing endlessly.

Auto Win

The auto-win or aimbot hack automatically calculates and executes the perfect shots for you. Just sit back and watch your striker sink every coin and win matches with zero effort.

Guideline Hack

Master every shot with the guideline hack. It displays the trajectory of your shots, allowing you to align and pocket coins flawlessly.

No Ads

Enjoy uninterrupted gameplay with the no ads mod. Regular carrom pool interrupts frequently with annoying video ads. This mod blocks them all.

Long Line Preview

Analyze your strikes better and plan your moves with the long line preview. It shows an extended trajectory for your shots.

These simple but powerful mods make carrom pool way more interesting. Always get mods from trustworthy sources and enable the ones suiting your playstyle.

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Tips to Win More Matches

While mods provide an advantage, you’ll still need skill to outplay opponents. Let’s go over some pro tips and strategies to boost your win rate in carrom pool mod apk:

  • Practice regularly against AI to perfect your skills before playing ranked multiplayer matches. Master the angles, power, spins, and bounces.
  • Don’t rush shots under pressure. Take a moment to analyze the board and use mods like extended guideline to plan your turn.
  • Keep strikers near pockets to quickly sink coins and score combo bonuses. Avoid leaving them in the middle.
  • Use spins wisely to maneuver strikers into advantageous positions and make tricky shots. Side and rear spins are especially useful.
  • Target loosely placed coins first for easy sinks. Knock them into pockets or group them together.
  • Save your queen striker until the endgame. Use it to quickly clear out remaining coins.

With the right strategy, mods, and practice, you’ll be a carrom pro beating top players in no time. Now let’s explore how to customize the game to your liking.

Customizing Carrom Pool Mod Apk

One of the best parts about carrom pool mod apk is the ability to fully customize your matches. Tweak the game rules, select unique sticks, tables, and backgrounds to create your very own carrom experience.

Custom Rules

Carrom pool offers dynamic rule customization options. Set point limits, coin arrangements, queen value, timeouts and more to play exactly how you want. Create house rules to play with friends or family too.

Unique Strikers

Change how your strikers look by selecting from over 50+ available models. Unlock colorful and artistic designs like Dragon, Samurai, Shape Shifter and more to stand out.

Special Tables

Upgrade to exclusive pool tables like Soccer Mania, Arabian Nights, Lovely Kidz and others. Each table features vibrant graphics and fun designs.

Themed Backgrounds

Further customize the ambience by selecting dreamy backgrounds like Beach Life, Twilight Zone, Discoland and more. Combine a cool table with matching backdrop for maximum effect.

Take your time to discover all customizations and save your favorites. This allows you to quickly apply them before matches. With limitless personalization options, every game of carrom can be truly unique.

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Different Game Modes in Carrom Pool Mod Apk

Carrom pool offers diverse multiplayer and single player modes to enjoy. Let’s learn about each of them:

1v1 Matches

The classic head-to-head 1v1 mode pits you against a random online opponent. Play timed matches to climb ranks and earn coins. This competitive mode really tests your skills.

Multiplayer Tournaments

Join tournaments with up to 128 players and top the leaderboards to win huge rewards. Defeat multiple opponents in a row to become the tournament champion.

Friends Mode

Create a private room and invite your friends list to play together. Have fun competing and interacting with people you know in matches.

Offline AI Matches

Practice your skills versus smart AI bots of varying difficulty. Sharpen your game before playing serious online matches.

Training Mode

Get to grips with carrom basics like aiming, spins, bounces, strategies in dedicated training levels. Master all shot types to get an edge.

With diverse online and offline modes, carrom pool mod has something for everyone. Now let’s quickly go over the key rules of carrom.

Overview of Carrom Rules and Objective

For beginners, let’s go over the basics of how carrom is played:

  • The objective is to use your striker to pocket all 9 coins and the queen of your color first to win.
  • The game starts with a “break” shot from the middle. You must pocket a coin or the queen.
  • If you pocket a coin on the break, you earn an extra turn. Otherwise it switches to opponent’s turn.
  • If you pocket your queen early, it will be returned to the board.
  • Coins and strikers of your opponent act as obstacles on the board.
  • If your striker gets pocketed, your turn ends and opponent regains it.
  • You earn points for each coin and queen pocketed. Most points at end wins.

These are the essential carrom rules. Two opponents compete to outscore each other. With practice, you’ll get familiar with more advanced rules and strategies.

Getting the Right Carrom Pool Mod Version

Now that you know all about carrom pool mods, let’s quickly discuss how to pick the best mod version:

  • Check the latest version number – choose one updated frequently with new features.
  • Verify mods included – select based on the hacks and cheats you need.
  • Read user reviews – pick mod with highest satisfaction ratings.
  • Check file safety – download from reputable sites like Moddroid to avoid malware.
  • Confirm device compatibility – mod should work properly on your Android OS and specs.

Keep these tips in mind and take your time to select an optimized carrom pool mod suitable for your device and preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Carrom Pool Mod Apk Problems

Lastly, let’s go over solutions for some common issues faced with carrom pool mods:

Can’t install mod apk – Enable “Unknown Sources” in Android settings first. Recheck incompatible device or OS issues.

Mod features not working – Try reinstalling the mod or download from a different source. Select mods compatible with game version.

Game lag and glitches – Such issues often occur with outdated or corrupt mod files. Reinstall a fresh version that’s optimized for performance.

Account banned – Use an alternate account to be safe. Don’t play ranked games with mods enabled.

Crashes on startup – Confirm you uninstalled any original version. Reinstall mod file and clear cache/data before opening.

Installing from trusted sources, choosing the right mods, and general troubleshooting steps can help fix most issues.


That concludes our complete beginner’s guide on everything related to carrom pool mod apk. From understanding what it is to customizing gameplay, we have covered it all in detail. Follow our tips carefully, choose the mods you need, and master your carrom skills.

Carrom pool provides endless fun with family and friends. The modded version further enhances the experience, while helping you smash past opponents. Unleash your creativity with custom cues, tables and backdrops. Develop advanced tricks, angles and strategies to outplay anyone. With this guide, you are now a carrom expert ready for any match or mode. Grab your strikers and start winning more!

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