Must-have Chrome extensions for web developers in 2023

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Chrome extensions are one of the easiest ways for web developers to improve their workflows and save time. With the right extensions, you can optimize DevTools, collaborate better, access resources, and more. In this beginner’s guide, we’ll explore some of the most useful Chrome extensions for web development in 2023. Let’s dig in!


Measure and improve webpages with Google’s Lighthouse extension. This Chrome extension Lighthouse generates reports on performance, accessibility, SEO, and more. It’s a must-have for understanding how your sites stack up.

Run Lighthouse reports with one click directly in the Chrome toolbar. See scores for each category and specifics on where you can improve. There are also options to run a full audit or just test for PWA compatibility.

With Lighthouse, web developers can monitor improvements over time. It’s one of the best free tools for ensuring your sites follow modern best practices.


This Chrome extension Instantly identify fonts on any webpage with WhatFont by Hoefler&Co. When you click the extension icon, WhatFont overlays the fonts used on the current site.

WhatFont is great for finding fonts you want to use in your own projects. No more guessing or inspecting elements to find font names. It recognizes web fonts, system fonts, and fonts linked from CSS files.

For typography geeks, it also displays metadata like the font weight, style, and more. WhatFont can identify fonts on over 2 million sites, making it an invaluable resource.

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This Chrome extension Analyze colors and extract palettes with ColorZilla. This top-rated extension adds an eye-dropper tool to get colors from any point on a page.

Use the ColorZilla picker to identify exact hex codes, RGB values, and other color info. You can even preview colors next to each other for comparison. ColorZilla is ideal for building color-coordinated sites.

Beyond the picker, ColorZilla includes useful tools like palette generators, color history, and domain search. Discover new color schemes and inject them into your own projects seamlessly.


This Chrome extension PixelSnap provides supercharged measurement tools for design work in the browser. Use it to get exact CSS values like margins, widths, and positions.

With PixelSnap,Measure element dimensions, spacing, and locations down to the pixel. The measurement overlay lets you pinpoint alignment and positioning of page elements.

For web designers, PixelSnap eliminates the need to guess measurements from inspecting HTML. It also works for validating designs match specifications and prototyping page layouts.


This Chrome extension Previews how your sites work across browsers and devices instantly with BrowserStack. It lets you test all browsers on different operating systems without installing them.

BrowserStack is invaluable for compatibility testing during development. Debug cross-browser CSS and JavaScript issues before they impact real users. With remote access and screenshots, you can easily replicate and diagnose bugs.

While BrowserStack isn’t free, they offer a limited plan for individuals at $12 per month. For serious testing, BrowserStack is a smart investment that can save ample development time.

Chrome extensions

Web Developer

Add “superpowers” to Chrome for web development and debugging with Web Developer by Chris Pederick. This massive extension packs 50+ web development tools.

Test responsiveness, enable CORS, analyze headers, validate markup, and more with Web Developer installed. Some key features include:

  • Responsive site testing
  • Page speed insights
  • CSS3 and HTML5 tools
  • Header and SEO checkers
  • And much more!

With so many features, Web Developer is one of the first extensions to install for web devs. The tools complement DevTools and enhance the development workflow.

React Developer Tools

This Chrome extension Debug and visualize React apps with the official React Developer Tools. It adds React debugging features right in Chrome DevTools for inspecting components.

See the React component tree, examine props and state, edit context values, and trace updates with this extension. There’s even a profiler to measure components for performance optimizations.

For any React developer, the official DevTools are essential. No more logging everything or debugging in the dark – this extension reveals how your React app works under the hood.

Redux DevTools

This Chrome extension Enhance debugging for Redux apps with Redux DevTools. It allows you to inspect state, debug actions/reducers, and more right in Chrome.

Some key features include:

  • State snapshotting
  • Action playback
  • State diffing
  • Searching and filtering logs

Redux DevTools integrates neatly with create-react-app and common React frameworks. For anyone using Redux, the DevTools extension is a must-have companion.

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Chrome extensions Accessibility Insights for Web

Run automated accessibility tests on webpages with Microsoft’s Accessibility Insights. This Chrome extension checks pages against common accessibility criteria like color contrast, ARIA roles, focus management, and more.

Accessibility Insights generates detailed reports on potential improvements for ADA and WCAG 2.1 compliance. All issues come with clear explanations and recommendations.

Adding this extension helps any developer build more accessible web experiences. Catch tricky compliance issues before they affect real users.

Page Ruler Redux

Quickly measure elements on any webpage using Page Ruler Redux. Simply drag markers to overlay a ruler across any sections you want to inspect.

Page Ruler is customizable with support for different units like pixels, centimeters, inches, and more. It’s perfect for measuring widths, heights, distances, and alignment of page elements.

For rapid prototyping and design testing, Page Ruler Redux is an easy tool to have in your toolbox. No more guessing – get precise sizing information instantly.

JSON Formatter

Pretty print JSON code and objects with JSON Formatter. It automatically formats any JSON data into an organized, color-coded view.

JSON Formatter is great for cleaning up API responses or JavaScript objects for easier inspection. Click to collapse sections and browse large objects efficiently.

Valid JSON is essential for many workflows like APIs and web services. This extension highlights any syntax issues to help debug problems quickly.

Manage WordPress sites visually using the official extension. Log in to any self-hosted WordPress site and access the following:

  • Notifications
  • Stats
  • Comment moderation
  • Posting and editing
  • Reader mode
  • SEO tools

With installed, get WordPress notifications and insights directly in your toolbar. It makes publishing and managing sites more convenient.

Conclusion Chrome extensions

Chrome extensions provide an easy way for web developers to boost productivity and optimize workflows. The tools above represent some of the most useful options for 2023. Testing sites, extracting colors, managing WordPress sites, and more are just a click away.

Hopefully this beginner’s guide gives you ideas for extensions to try out. Don’t settle for Chrome’s default options – with the right extensions installed, you can work faster and smarter.

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