How To Convert Canva To Google Slides 2024

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Canva and Google Slides are two popular presentation tools, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to creating eye catching presentations Canva is an option, due to its to use interface and extensive collection of templates and design elements. On the hand Google Slides is a choice if you’re looking for seamless integration with other Google products and collaborative features that are perfect, for teamwork oriented presentations.

However, there may come a time when you need to convert a presentation from one platform to the other. Whether you want to utilize Google Slides’ collaboration features or need to incorporate your Canva design into a larger presentation, knowing how to convert between the two platforms is essential.

This guide will walk you through the different methods for converting a Canva presentation to Google Slides, step-by-step. We’ll cover both direct conversion within Canva and using intermediary formats like PowerPoint. Additionally, we’ll discuss potential issues you might encounter and how to overcome them.

Prerequisites – What You Need Before Converting Canva to Slides

Before getting started with the Canva to Google slides conversion process, you need to make sure you have the following:

A Computer with an Internet Connection

You’ll need a computer and reliable internet access to complete the Canva to Google slides transfer steps smoothly. High speed internet allows assets like images to upload faster into Google slides.

A Google Account

You must be signed into a Google Account to transfer Canva designs directly into Google Drive folders and access Google Slides for editing.

The Canva Presentation File

The specific Canva presentation file must be open or downloaded onto your computer as this contains all the visual elements you want to transfer to Google slides.

Step 1 – Open Your Canva Presentation Design

First, make sure the Canva presentation you want to convert is open on your desktop screen. You can either open a Canva presentation you already created or download one from Canva as a PDF file onto your computer.

Double check that you can view all slides and design elements clearly within the Canva visuals before proceeding.

Step 2 – Click ‘File’ then ‘Download’

To begin locate the “File” option situated in the corner of the Canva presentation. Following that a dropdown menu will appear offering choices. Click the “Download” button in this menu.

After clicking download, a pop-up expands from the bottom asking what file type you’d like to convert the Canva presentation into.

In a moment, we’ll select “Google Slides” but first let’s configure a helpful setting.

Step 3 – Check the “Separate slides” Box

Before downloading as Google Slides, there is an important checkbox at the bottom of the file type pop-up. You must check the box labeled “Separate slides” for a proper transfer.

This instructs Canva to organize your full presentation into individual slides when converted into Google Slides format.

With the “Separate slides” checked off, you’re ready to download the presentation.

Step 4 – Select “Google Slides” and Click the Blue Download Button

In the file type pop-up, click the checkbox next to “Google Slides”. Then click the blue download button at the bottom right.

The Canva visuals will begin processing into an exported Google Slides file. Depending on the length, this may take a few moments to complete.

how to convert Canva to google slides

Step 5 – Find the Exported File and Open It

Once Canva finishes processing the export, your downloads folder will contain the presentation in Google Slides format.

Double click the new file to open it directly within Google Slides through your internet browser.

Upon opening, you’ll see each converted Canva visual separated as individual slides. Images, icons, textboxes, and other elements should look the same.

Now the presentation is ready for additional editing using Google Slides powerful creation tools.

Step 6 – Save the Google Slides File

With the Canva visuals accurately transferred over to the Google workspace, the last step is saving the presentation.

Click “File” then select “Save As” to store the Google Slide in a secure folder within Google Drive.

how to convert Canva to google slides

Here you can rename the file and organize within shared folder options. Saving it now makes finding and presenting the slides convenient going forward.

Access Advanced Features Using Google Slides

Now that you’ve successfully converted Canva to Google Slides, you can leverage the powerful features within the Google workspace.

Here are just a few things you can do after transferring Canva to Slides:

Edit Slides and Design Options

Google Slides has expanded text editing tools, alternative layouts, 500+ font choices, image filters, reusable slide templates, and more handy design elements.

Annotate and Comment

Easily add notes and feedback on slides as you review presentations. Commenting allows collaboration with team members.

Present Online

Present converted Canva slides live through Google Slides online sharing capabilities. Broadcast beautifully to remote teams or clients.

Modify Alignment and Spacing

Google Slides offers greater control over text boxes, wrap formatting, precise object positioning, and layering capabilities.

how to convert Canva to google slides

Troubleshooting Issues When Converting Canva

The Canva to Google Slides conversion process usually goes smoothly. But occasionally users run into problems during the file transfer stages.

Here are some common troubleshooting tips:

If File Doesn’t Trigger Download

In some browsers, clicking the Google Slides download button doesn’t trigger the file to save properly. Try right clicking the Google Slides download option and select “Save Link As”. Manually choose a downloads location to save the exported slides.

Missing Elements After Transfer

Complex Canva slide designs with lots of layered objects might lose a few elements in the transfer. Some images or stacked shapes can shift in Google Slides. Review all slides and reformat anything out of position after opening the converted file.

Fix Broken Image Links

If some pictures didn’t carry over, broken image boxes with “X” symbols will show on converted slides. You’ll have to replace or locate missing image files from your computer to restore them within the presentation.

Canva Pumpkin Spice Template Error

Users have reported issues downloading the Canva “Pumpkin Spice” themed template properly into Google Slides. For some reason it frequently fails the transfer process and elements won’t save over. Consider picking a different template if you run into trouble.

With a few simple troubleshooting tweaks, you can rectify any minor issues during the Canva to Google Slides file conversion process.

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Convert With Confidence

As you can see, migrating your Canva presentations into the Google Slides ecosystem is straightforward. Within a few clicks, the visuals transfer over with images, fonts, and design elements intact.

how to convert Canva to google slides

Just make sure to check the “Separate slides” box first for proper formatting.

With the robust tools available in Google Slides, it opens up extra possibilities for easily collaborating on presentations, editing visuals, and securely accessing the exported slides anytime.

Now you can confidently convert those Canva designs over to Google Slides!


In conclusion, converting Canva presentations into Google Slides is a straightforward process that gives you access to more robust editing tools, enhanced collaboration features, and secure cloud storage. 

By following the step-by-step instructions in this beginner’s guide, you can smoothly transfer any Canva designs containing graphics, images, text, and other visual elements into the Google Slides environment in just a few clicks. Key things to remember are downloading the Canva file as a Google Slide deck, checking the “separate slides” box, opening the exported file, and saving it within Google Drive for ongoing access. 

With the ability to edit, annotate, comment, and present your converted Canva slides online, Google Slides unlocks more possibilities after making the switch. Use the troubleshooting tips to fix any minor conversion issues. Now you can migrate your Canva files to Google Slides with confidence thanks to this handy guide.

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