How to Make $10,000+ Per Month Blogging About Technology in 2023

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Blogging about technology is a great way to make money online in 2023. Given that there are, than 4 billion internet users across the globe it’s clear that there exists an audience with a keen interest, in staying updated on the newest gadgets, applications and technological trends.

Whether you’re a tech expert or just a gadget lover, you can leverage your knowledge and passion into profits by starting a technology blog. This beginner’s guide will teach you proven strategies to monetize your tech blog and earn income doing what you love.

Choose a Profitable Technology Blog Niche

The first step is identifying a profitable niche within the technology space. Technology is broad, so you need to niche down to build an engaged audience.

Consider niches like:

  • Smartphones and mobile apps
  • Laptops and PCs
  • Gaming
  • Home entertainment
  • Smart home devices
  • Wearable tech
  • VR and AR
  • Cybersecurity and privacy

Make sure there is strong search volume and advertiser demand for your chosen niche. Use Google Keyword Planner and other tools to validate your niche.

Register Your Domain and Get Web Hosting

Your tech blog needs a great domain name and fast, reliable web hosting.

Choose a short, memorable .com domain name related to your niche. For example,

For hosting, go with a popular provider like Bluehost or SiteGround. Shared hosting is fine for new blogs. Aim for at least 50 GB of storage.

Once you pick a domain and host, connect them and install WordPress – the best blogging platform.

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Optimize Your Tech Blog for SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for earning organic search traffic. Include your target keywords in headings, content, URLs, image names, and alt text.

Write longform posts over 1,500 words targeting low competition keywords. Include related keywords throughout your content.

Do keyword research using Google Keyword Planner and tools like Ahrefs to find low hanging fruit.

Also create internal links between your posts and consider guest posting on other blogs to build quality backlinks.

Create Compelling Technology Content

Consistently publishing high-quality content is how you attract and retain readers.

Try to aim for a minimum of two blog posts every week. It’s an idea to include elements, like photos, videos, infographics and embedded content to make your content more captivating and interactive.

Offer in-depth reviews of new tech products. Compare popular gadgets and apps head-to-head. Report on emerging tech trends. Provide tutorials, tips and how-tos.

Use tools like BuzzSumo to find trending topics and questions to cover. Interview experts for insider perspectives.

Monetize Your Tech Blog with Display Ads

Display advertising is the fastest way to monetize your blog. Sign up for ad networks like Google AdSense,, and Ezoic.

Place ads in between paragraphs and avoid cluttering your blog. Pay attention to viewability, relevance and placement. Ad placement matters a lot for earnings.

As your traffic grows, you can make more money by testing multiple ad networks and using header bidding to increase your ad rates.

Technology blog

Add Affiliate Links to Relevant Products

Affiliate marketing is another excellent passive income stream. Promote relevant tech products from sites like Amazon and earn a commission on sales.

But don’t randomly stick affiliate links in posts. Recommend products organically, transparently, and provide value for readers.

Using affiliate links for gadgets you personally use and recommend builds trust. You can earn up to 10% commission or more on tech sales.

Sell Your Own Technology Products and Merch

Once you build a loyal following, consider creating your own products to sell.

You can sell PDF guides, online courses, ebooks, video tutorials or even physical tech products. Add them to your blog and promote them to your email list.

You can also create branded merch featuring your blog name and logo. Sell t-shirts, hoodies, mugs and other items people love to buy from their favorite sites.

Offer Technology Consulting and Freelance Services

Turn your tech expertise into a lucrative side business. Offer consulting to help people choose gadgets, fix tech problems, build apps and websites, optimize online security, and more.

You can charge hourly or fixed packages. Reach out to past clients and let blog readers know you offer tech services.

Freelance writing about technology is another option. Earn money writing for magazines, tech brands, and other blogs in your niche.

Join Ecommerce Affiliate Programs

Big online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart have affiliate programs that pay commissions for referred sales.

Sign up for their affiliate program, grab your custom links, and add them to relevant product recommendations on your blog. You can potentially earn 4-10% on big ticket tech items like laptops, tablets, smartphones, and TVs.

The key is integrating affiliate links seamlessly into naturally useful product recommendations. Don’t be salesy. Focus on helping the reader find what they need.

Enable Donations From Readers

Some readers are happy to donate or “tip” blogs they enjoy reading. Make it easy for them!

Install a donation plugin like SendFox or Snipcart on WordPress. Add buttons below posts or in your sidebar so readers can donate one-time or recurring amounts.

You can increase donations by offering perks for supporters like ad-free viewing, digital goods, merch discounts, etc. Appreciate and acknowledge your donors.

Join Premium Ad and Affiliate Networks

Bigger ad networks like Mediavine, AdThrive, and Amazon Associates have higher ad rates and commissions – but require more traffic and domain authority.

Work on growing your blog and improving your content. After hitting milestones like 25,000+ pageviews per month, you can apply to these networks and make more money.

Building traffic, trust, and authority opens doors to more income. Deliver value consistently.

Build a Responsive Email List

Email is one of the most powerful ways to monetize a blog. You own your list vs. relying solely on third party platforms.

Offer lead magnets like deals, tips sheets, or free tools in exchange for emails. Promote your list on your blog and social media.

Send 2-4 emails a month with a mix of value-added content, blog updates, special offers, affiliate deals, etc. Respect your subscribers and avoid spamming.

An engaged email list can drive sales of your products/services, boost affiliate revenue, and help your blog thrive long-term.

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Diversify Your Income Streams

It takes time to scale up your earnings. The key is patience and consistently implementing multiple income streams together over the long haul.

Rather than relying on one dominant source, diversify your monetization across multiple channels – ads, affiliates, products, consulting, email, donations etc.

This multi-stream approach makes your income more stable and reliable. If one stream dries up, you have many others still flowing.

Track Analytics to Optimize for Earnings

Analytics are crucial for boosting ad revenue, affiliate income, and overall blog profits. Install Google Analytics and pay attention to data like:

  • Traffic sources – Find your best channels for more growth
  • Top pages – Double down on what converts
  • Bounce rate – Improve weak areas losing visitors
  • Demographics – Appeal to your target audience

Continuously test changes and improve your blog’s ability to earn money.

Outsource Help Tasks to Scale Your Business

It takes a lot of time to run all aspects of a profitable tech blog solo. Outsourcing tasks can free up your time to focus on content and growth.

Hire freelancers to help with content creation, graphic design, email marketing, social media, and administrative tasks.

Virtual assistants can be affordable and give you more bandwidth. Take what you earn and reinvest it in help.

Keep Learning and Improving Your Blog

To keep growing your income over time, never stop learning. Read blogs and books on topics like SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, copywriting, and web analytics.

Study what top bloggers in your niche are doing to attract readers and make money. Attend blogging conferences and events. Join masterminds.

Surround yourself with others who are successful at making money blogging – their knowledge is invaluable.


Building a profitable technology blog takes consistent effort, but can be very rewarding. Use this beginner’s guide to implement proven money-making strategies in 2023.

Focus on providing value, building traffic over time, and diversifying your income streams. With the right niche, high-quality content, and monetization model, you can earn great income doing what you love.

The opportunities are endless if you’re passionate about a technology niche and willing to put in work upfront to grow your blog.

Start your monetized technology blog today and you could make it a full-time business and income source. Just take it one step at a time.

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