How To Put A Paywall On Google Drive Server

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Enabling a paywall, for your Google Drive server gives you the opportunity to generate revenue from accessing files and folders. In this guide I will take you through each step of the process even if you don’t have any background. By the end you’ll have successfully established an paywall system.

Preparing Your Google Drive Account

First, you’ll need to prep your Google account. This ensures you have the necessary permissions and settings configured before adding the paywall.

Enabling API Access

Google Drive has an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows other apps to access and modify Drive contents. You’ll need to enable this API access for the paywall app to work correctly.

Navigate to the Google API Console and create a new project. Under “Enable APIs and Services,” search for the Drive API and enable it. This grants the necessary permissions.

Creating a Service Account

Next, create a separate Google account to serve as a “service account.” This handles backend management tasks in isolation.

In the API Console, go to “Credentials” and create a new service account. Grant it “Editor” access to the Drive containing your monetized files.

Save the JSON private key file – you’ll need to upload this to the paywall app later.

Organizing Your Drive Contents

Before moving forward, audit your Drive and organize any folders/files you wish to put behind the paywall. It’s easier to tweak things now rather than later.

You can create a new, top-level folder called “Premium Content” to store protected files therein.

Choosing a Paywall Service

With prep work done, it’s time to pick a paywall service for accepting payments and managing access. Here are top options:


Memberful seamlessly integrates with Google Drive plus handles subscriptions/meters. It’s easy to use but has a higher monthly cost. specializes in metered paywalls. Integration requires writing some custom code. Monthly fees are affordable.


Paddle combines payments, licensing, and user management in one platform. The setup process is straightforward.

I’ll focus the rest of this guide on Memberful as it makes the overall process simplest. But the general principles apply across any chosen service.

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Configuring the Memberful Paywall

Sign up for a Memberful account and select Google Drive as the access point for protected files. Follow the step-by-step configuration:

how to put a paywall on google drive server

Connecting Accounts

Upload the JSON private key for your Service Account. This safely links your Drive minus exposing credentials.

Permitting Access

Decide whether you want to gate access per file, folder, or across your entire Drive. Adjust permissions accordingly.

Creating Subscriptions

This determines what folks pay to access your content. You can create multiple packages (e.g. monthly, yearly).

Embedding Protection

Use Memberful’s snippets to embed paywall protection directly into your site HTML. This instantly restricts access to authorized users only.

That’s it! Memberful will now manage payments and authentication. Next I’ll cover customizing aspects to match your brand style.

Styling and Customization

Memberful extensively utilizes templates and CSS for tailoring to your site look/feel:

Choosing Page Layouts

For checkout, login, account management etc, use Memberful’s layout editor to match your branding.

Configuring Email Notifications

Edit emails sent during signup, cancellation, expiration etc. Upload your logo and color palette.

Embedding Custom Code

Add custom JavaScript/CSS to further manipulate elements like page headers, footers, buttons.

Take advantage of these customizations so the paywall looks native to your site, not tacked on. Dedicate time for polish.

Managing Protected Content

You’ll inevitably need to modify your Google Drive contents behind the paywall. Here’s how:

Adding/Deleting Files

Log into your original Google account and organize as normal. Just don’t touch the Service Account. Changes propagate instantly.

Revoking Access

If someone sharing access violates terms, instantly revoke it under Memberful’s User Management panel. Regain control quickly.

Analytics Insights

Use Memberful’s analytics to see who signs up and utilizes your gated content most. Identify buyer personas.

Continually shape content strategy based on these insights to boost satisfaction (and paid conversions!).

how to put a paywall on google drive server

Evaluating Performance

Once your paywall has been live for a few weeks, carefully analyze how it’s performing:

Identifying Weak Points

Look for sticking points causing drop offs in signups. Refine pain points through A/B testing variations.

Optimizing Funnels

Are prospects entering the checkout flow but not completing purchase? Try simplifying signup form fields to remove roadblocks.

Increasing Referrals

Encourage shares, onions, referrals etc to amplify reach. Word-of-mouth drives referral signups. Assign affiliate codes!

Assess from all angles and always iterate. Optimization never truly ends.

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Expanding the Paywall

Unequivocal success? Congrats! Consider expanding the paywall to increase monetization:

Multiple Google Drives

Apply the Memberful paywall to other Drives containing commercial assets. Protect all your content.

Folder Specific Access

Sell access to certain folders individually. This incentivizes users to purchase multiple packages to unlock everything.

Bundling Physical Goods

Bundle digital access with tangible products in your store (ebooks, merch etc). This hybrid model accommodates multiple purchase preferences.

Keep innovating new ways to structure premium content and payment plans. But don’t over complicate things either.


That concludes our guide on configuring a Memberful paywall for Google Drive! Take time planning the content architecture and styling integrations. Optimizing the user experience pays dividends as customers reward sites respecting their time. Best of luck monetizing your premium content.

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