Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk Everything Unlocked 2023

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Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Are you fascinated by trains and looking for a fun and realistic train simulation game for your Android device? The Indian Train Simulator game by Highbrow Studios offers an authentic Indian railway experience, and the modded version takes it to the next level. This beginner’s guide will provide an overview of the Indian Train Simulator mod apk, its features, how to download and install it, tips for getting started, and much more. Let’s get rolling!

What is Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

The original Indian Train Simulator game allows players to experience driving trains across India. You can control the throttle, brake, wipers, doors, and horn while obeying signals and station stops. The modded version unlocks many additional features for an enhanced gameplay experience. This includes access to all trains, routes, environments, and difficulty modes. The mod is easy to install and complements the base game nicely.

Key Features of the Mod

Here are some of the cool features you get with the Indian Train Simulator mod apk:

  • Unlocked access to all trains including Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto, suburban EMUs, and more
  • All routes opened including Delhi-Mumbai, Howrah-New Delhi, Chennai-Trivandrum, and more
  • All environments unlocked including day, night, rain, and snow
  • Option to change difficulty levels for relaxed or challenging gameplay
  • Realistic 3D cab view and controls including wipers, doors, horn, and more
  • Busy railway traffic including passenger trains, freight trains, and rail crossings
  • Realistic railway announcement

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How to Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk Download

Downloading and installing the mod is a straightforward process, just follow these steps:

  1. Uninstall any existing version of Indian Train Simulator on your device
  2. Search for “Indian Train Simulator mod apk” and download the latest version from a trusted site
  3. Enable “Install from Unknown Sources” in your Android settings if prompted
  4. Locate the downloaded mod apk file on your device and tap on it to begin installation
  5. Accept the permissions requested by the app during installation
  6. After install, open the Indian Train Simulator mod app and enjoy the unlocked features
  7. You may need to toggle on the mod features inside the app’s settings

That’s it! The mod will be fully installed and ready for you to start playing with all trains, routes, environments and difficulty options unlocked.

Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk


Tips for Getting Started

Here are some useful tips to help you get started and make the most of the Indian Train Simulator mod apk:

  • Go through the training modules to get a hang of the locomotive controls
  • Start with an easy route like Delhi-Agra to get accustomed to driving trains
  • Pay close attention to signal systems, speed limits and railway crossings
  • Practice perfectly stopping at stations within the stopping mark
  • Learn to control the throttle and brakes smoothly for a realistically immersive experience
  • Attempt tougher routes like Mumbai-Howrah after gaining experience
  • Activate the wipers and horn as required during rainfall or at crossings
  • Adjust the difficulty levels for more challenge as you become more skilled
  • Explore different environments like night, rain and snow for added variety
  • Try out all the different trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, EMUs each with unique controls
  • Maintain safe speed limits to avoid penalties especially around curves and slopes

Top Trains to Drive

Now that you know how to download, install and get started with the mod, let’s look at some of the top trains you should definitely try driving:

Mumbai Rajdhani

One of India’s fastest and most prestigious trains connecting the megapolis of Mumbai to the capital city of Delhi. With a maximum speed of 140 kmph, zipping across the Mumbai Rajdhani is a thrilling experience.

Howrah Rajdhani

Connecting Kolkata to New Delhi, this was India’s first Rajdhani train. Travelling over 1500 kilometers, this train passes through the historic Kolkata station and crosses 4 states.

Shatabdi Express

Shatabdi are air-conditioned superfast intercity trains for daytime travel. With a maximum speed of 150 kmph, trains like the Pune-Secunderabad Shatabdi offer a fast and comfortable journey.

Humsafar Express

A completely 3-tier AC train with sleeker coaches for an enhanced passenger experience. Try driving trains like the Gorakhpur-Anand Vihar Humsafar for a modern rail experience.

Deccan Queen

Deccan Queen is a prestigious Mumbai-Pune train known for its punctuality. The first long-distance electric train in India, driving the blue and white Deccan Queen is a delightful experience.

Nilgiri Mountain Railway

A UNESCO heritage railway that connects Mettupalayam to Ooty across the Nilgiri mountains. With its steam locomotives, scenic beauty, andgradients, it is one of the most unique trains to drive.

Key Locomotives

In addition to the trains, you can have fun driving the following powerful Indian locomotives across various routes:

  • WAP 5: Workhorse electric locomotive used for premier trains including Rajdhanis.
  • WAP 7: Among the most powerful locomotives with 6350 horsepower and top speed of 200 kmph.
  • WAG 9: Workhorse freight locomotive capable of hauling 4500 tons at 100 kmph speeds.
  • WCAM 3: Dual mode locomotive that can switch between diesel and electric power.
  • WDG 4: Diesel locomotive built for express trains with max speed of 120 kmph.
  • WDM 3A/D: Iconic diesel workhorses extensively used across Indian Railways.

Exciting Routes to Explore

With the mod, you can drive on any route you want. Here are some exciting routes you should definitely try:

Kalka-Shimla Railway

A UNESCO heritage hill railway that passes through 102 tunnels and towering bridges. With its sharp turns and inclines, driving this 96 km narrow gauge route is unforgettable.

Mumbai-Howrah via the Great Indian Peninsula

Traversing over 2000 kms over 3 days, this iconic route connects Mumbai to Kolkata across central India. Experience crossing the sprawling Mumbai suburbs to the forests of Chhattisgarh to the coal belt at Dhanbad.

Delhi-Kanyakumari Vivek Express

Go from India’s capital in the north to India’s southernmost tip at Kanyakumari over a distance of 4300 kms passing through 11 states. You’ll pass through the varying landscapes of India’s peninsula.

Gorakhpur-Okha Express

Traverse the plains along the India-Nepal border, pass through the Terai region and cross river basins, deserts and salt pans during this 1870km long journey from Gorakhpur to the coastal town of Okha.

Guwahati-Trivandrum Express

A bucket list long-distance run from Assam to Kerala covering over 3500 kilometers through 7 states in eastern, central and southern India. Experience northeastern cultures, central Indian plains, western ghats and beautiful Kerala on this route.

Tougher Challenges to Attempt

Once you’ve gained decent experience, up your game by attempting these tougher challenges:

  • Drive Mumbai Rajdhani end-to-end at night within the scheduled time
  • Do a full lap of the Kalka-Shimla route without exceeding speed limits
  • Take a long-distance passenger train from Lucknow to Chennai following all stops
  • Pull a long-haul goods train from Jamshedpur to Vijayawada within stipulated time
  • Drive the Himsagar Express from Jammu Tawi to Kanyakumari maintaining optimal speed
  • Handle gradients and sharp turns on the Mettupalayam-Ooty Nilgiri Mountain Rail intact
  • Pull a goods train from Durg to Bilaspur through dense forest sections at night
  • Operate the Vivek Express from Dibrugarh to Kanyakumari via remote rural tracks
  • Manage an EMU suburban train on the busy Mumbai network during the weekday rush

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Key Tips for Realistic Gameplay

To enhance your playing experience, apply these tips for realistic gameplay:

  • Operate trains at optimal speeds, braking and accelerating smoothly
  • Follow signal systems meticulously and avoid jumping reds
  • Slow down while approaching stations and halt precisely at stopping marks
  • Adhere to speed limits around curves, level crossings and slope gradients
  • Activate the train horn before stations and when approaching crossings
  • Deploy wipers, lights and sand domes when needed during rains or fog
  • Open and close doors aligned with platforms at station halts
  • Master using the driver’s rearview mirror at approaches and exits
  • Switch off engines at halts and maintain engine temperatures in optimal range
  • Learn how to handle brake failures, coal supply issues, and signal failures

Wrapping Up

With this detailed beginner’s guide, you now have all the information needed to get started with the exciting world of Indian Train Simulator mod apk. The unlocked trains, routes, environments and difficulty levels will offer endless rail simulation possibilities. Master the locomotive controls, practice on easier routes, and slowly level up to tougher challenges. Remember to focus on safe driving, optimal speed and realistic operations. So it’s time to download the mod, hop into your engine of choice and all aboard on an immersive Indian rail journey!

Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk – FAQs

Here are some commonly asked questions about the Indian Train Simulator mod apk:

Q: Is the modded version safe to download?

A: Yes, the mod apk is safe to download as long as you get it from trusted sites. It doesn’t contain any malware.

Q: Will I get banned for using the mod?

A: No, you won’t get banned for using this unlock mod. It is a client-side mod that only enhances your gameplay experience.

Q: Can I download the mod on iPhone or iPad?

A: Unfortunately no. The mod is only available for Android devices currently. iOS devices are not supported.

Q: Is the mod compatible with all Android versions?

A: It is compatible with most Android versions. Recommended is Android 4.1 and above for smooth performance.

Q: Does the mod drain more battery?

A: There may be slightly higher battery usage as the mod unlocks more resource intensive features. But the difference is negligible.

Q: Will my game progress be affected by the mod?

A: No, the mod does not interfere with your saved game progress. You can seamlessly continue from your last gameplay session.

Q: Is the mod available in multiple languages?

A: Currently, only English language is available for the mod. Support for other languages may come in the future.

Q: Can I play offline after installing the mod?

A: Yes, internet connection is only required to download the mod file. You can then play offline without issues.

Q: How do I check if the mod is working correctly?

A: Launch the game after installing the mod. If you can see all the trains, routes and options unlocked, then the mod is working fine.

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