Pixellab Mod APK Download (Premium Unlocked) for Android 2023

Pixellab is a popular photo and design app for Android that allows users to easily edit images and create photo collages. The mod APK version of Pixellab is a modified version that unlocks premium features and removes ads. Downloading the mod APK can give you access to the full capabilities of Pixellab for free. In this article, we’ll look at what the Pixellab mod APK is, how to download and install it, tips for using it effectively, and more.

What is Pixellab Mod APK?

The Pixellab mod APK is a cracked version of the original Pixellab app that you can download for free. It provides you with all the premium features of the photo editor without having to pay anything. The mod APK includes unlimited layers, shapes, stock images, fonts, frames, and stickers which you would otherwise have to purchase. It also removes all annoying ads so you can enjoy an interrupted experience. Essentially, the mod APK unlocks the full potential of Pixellab.

Features of Pixellab Mod APK

Here are some of the key features you get with the Pixellab mod APK:

  • Unlimited layers for your photo projects
  • Hundreds of fonts, shapes, frames, stickers, and overlays
  • Ability to remove watermarks from stock images and templates
  • No ads or pop-up promotions
  • Faster processing and rendering of large images
  • Additional professional tools like liquefy, hue/saturation, curves, etc.
  • New artistic filters and effects
  • High-resolution image output
  • Community templates and online library access

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Benefits of Downloading Pixellab Mod APK

Installing the mod APK version gives you all premium features for free. Here are some of the key benefits:

  • Save money by unlocking all paid content
  • No annoying ads or popups
  • Unlimited access to layers, shapes, fonts, etc.
  • Use advanced editing tools for professional results
  • Faster performance and rendering of large files
  • Additional artistic filters to choose from
  • Access online templates and asset library
  • High resolution image exports
  • More creativity and design options

Overall, the Pixellab mod APK enhances the app’s functionality and transforms it into a powerful design tool for free.

Pixellab Mod APK Download and Install

Downloading and installing the mod APK only takes a few minutes. Here is the step-by-step process:

Prerequisites for Installation

Before installing the mod APK, your device must meet these requirements:

  • Android OS version 5.0 or higher
  • Enable option for “Unknown Sources” in Settings
  • Uninstall any existing version of Pixellab (if applicable)
  • Download the latest Pixellab mod APK file

Downloading Pixellab Mod APK

There are a few trusted sites you can download the latest version of the mod APK from. Make sure to get it from a reputable source. Here are the steps:

  1. Open your preferred web browser on your Android device
  2. Search for “Pixellab mod APK download”
  3. Choose a trusted website to download from
  4. Click on the download button or link on the site
  5. Wait for the APK file to download completely on your device

Enabling Unknown Sources on Android

Since this is a third-party APK file, you need to enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android settings. Here is how:

  1. Go to your Android phone’s Settings
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Security” or “Applications” (varies with device)
  3. Enable the option for “Unknown Sources”
  4. Confirm to allow installation of apps from unknown developers

Pixellab Mod APK Download

Installing Pixellab Mod APK

Once downloaded, you can easily install the mod APK file on your device:

  1. Locate the downloaded APK file on your device
  2. Open the file and tap on “Install”
  3. Accept the app permissions to proceed
  4. Wait for the installation process to complete
  5. The Pixellab mod app icon will appear on your home screen

And that’s it! The app is now ready to launch on your device and enjoy with no limits or ads.

Using Pixellab Mod APK

Now that you’ve installed the cracked version of Pixellab successfully, here is how you can start using it:

Opening Pixellab Mod for the First Time

The first time you open the app after installing the mod APK, it may take a little longer to load all the unlocked features and content.

Once opened, the app will guide you through a quick walkthrough of the main screens and tools. Make sure to explore the interface and options thoroughly.

Navigating the Pixellab Mod Interface

The interface is very intuitive with the editing tools on the bottom and content options on the top. Here are some of the key sections:

  • Tools: Crop, Transform, Liquify, Healing, Brush, Clone, and more
  • Filters: Vintage, HDR, Black & White, etc.
  • Shapes: Arrows, lines, shapes, stickers, emojis, etc.
  • Overlays: Lights, dust, fog, flares, textures, etc.
  • Text: Fonts, colors, styling, etc.
  • Layers: Manage objects and stacking order

Use the menus and slide-out options to access all available features.

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Key Features of Pixellab Mod

Some of the most useful features to try out include:

  • Using unlimited layers for complex collages
  • Applying advanced tools like liquefy and healing
  • Adding stylish text effects with endless fonts
  • Using stickers, emojis, and clipart without limits
  • Removing watermarks from templates or stock images
  • Exporting high-res images without any marks

Take advantage of these powerful tools to take your image editing to the next level!

Creating Images with Pixellab Mod

With the mod APK unlocked, you can let your creativity run wild while designing images. Follow these tips:

  • Start with a background or template
  • Add text pops using stylish fonts
  • Customize with shapes, stickers, and overlays
  • Apply filters and touch up tools as required
  • Adjust blending options for layers
  • Export final design in high resolution

The possibilities are truly endless for the type of designs, collages, posters, cards, and photo edits you can create!

Sharing and Saving Images

When your creations are ready, you can quickly share or save them:

  • Tap the Share button to share on social media or messaging apps
  • Save your designed image to device storage or Google Photos
  • Open image in other apps for further editing
  • Use Markup feature to add more annotations
  • Print high-quality physical copies if desired

Pixellab makes it easy to manage, export, and share your customized images.

Tips for Using Pixellab Mod Effectively

Here are some handy tips to use the modded app more effectively:

Utilizing All Available Tools

  • Take time to explore the wide range of tools on offer
  • Watch tutorial videos if unsure about how a tool works
  • Learn keyboard shortcuts for faster editing
  • Use advanced tools like liquify for visual effects
  • Try out artistic filters like Glitch and Light Leaks

Following Design Best Practices

  • Use grid overlays for balanced layouts
  • Pick coordinated fonts, colors, and elements
  • Add whitespace appropriately for visual interest
  • Make sure your text is readable and legible
  • Enhance but don’t over-edit images

Troubleshooting Common Issues

  • Grant storage access if unable to save creations
  • Clear app cache and data if lag or glitches
  • Reinstall APK if some features are missing
  • Check for app updates occasionally

Spend time mastering Pixellab’s features for best results. Avoid overusing filters and layer too many effects.


The modified version of Pixellab truly unlocks the app’s full potential for comprehensive photo and design editing. With unlimited access to all premium content and tools, creative professionals and amateurs alike can craft dazzling images. Just follow safe downloading practices and utilize all the powerful features for eye-catching visuals!

Summary of Main Points

  • Pixellab Mod APK unlocks premium features for free
  • Easy to download and install following key steps
  • Offers unlimited layers, fonts, tools, and creative options
  • Create stunning designs, collages, posters without limits
  • Share quickly on social media and other apps
  • Master tools and best practices for optimal results

FAQs about Pixellab Mod APK:

FAQ 1: Is downloading Pixellab Mod APK safe?

Downloading mods from trusted sources is generally safe. However, it’s best to scan files for viruses before installation to be 100% safe.

FAQ 2: Does the mod APK work on all Android versions?

It works on Android 5.0 and above. Devices with lower OS versions may face compatibility issues.

FAQ 3: Will I get future updates for Pixellab Mod APK?

Unfortunately, no. You may need to re-download mod APKs when new versions of Pixellab are released.

FAQ 4: Can I undo edits or resets if I make mistakes?

Yes, Pixellab has unlimited undo and redo so you can easily fix any errors.

FAQ 5: Does Pixellab Mod APK work offline?

Yes, it works completely offline after installation. Internet is only needed initially for downloading the APK file.

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