10 Must-Have Software Tools for Remote Work Success (2023)

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Software Tools for Remote Work: Working remotely has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With more flexibility and freedom, remote work allows you to work from anywhere in the world. However, to be productive and efficient while working remotely, having the right software tools is crucial.

In this beginner’s guide, we will recommend the best software tools and apps across different categories to help you get set up for remote work success. From communication and collaboration to project management and security, we have you covered with the top software for remote teams.

Top 10 Software Tools for Remote Work

Communication Software Tools

Clear and effective communication is essential when working in a remote setting. With teammates spread out across locations, having the right communication software tools is vital. Here are some of our top picks for communication software:


Slack is one of the most popular team communication tools. Offering features like channels, direct messaging, and video calling, Slack helps teams stay connected. You can create channels for different topics, projects or teams and seamlessly communicate. With robust notifications and the ability to integrate with other apps, Slack is a must-have for remote teams.


For video conferencing needs, Zoom is an excellent choice. Supporting up to 100 video participants, Zoom is great for team meetings and webinars. Screen sharing and recording capabilities make Zoom helpful for presentations, training, and more. Breakout rooms, polls, and chat add to the appeal of Zoom for productive video calls.

Google Hangouts Meet

As part of G Suite, Google Hangouts Meet offers a reliable video conferencing solution. Easy to use and integrate with Google Calendar, Hangouts Meet supports meetings with up to 250 participants. Screen sharing and real-time captions provide helpful features for productive video conferences.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams brings together messaging, video meetings, file sharing, and app integration. Great for chatting, calendaring, and calling, Teams provides an all-in-one hub for teamwork. Teams enable easy collaboration with their multitude of capabilities.

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Project Management Software Tools

To effectively collaborate while working remotely, using project management software is essential. Here are some top options:


Asana provides teams with a shared task list to manage projects and workflows. With the ability to assign tasks, set due dates, attach files, and more, Asana gives teams clarity on who is doing what. Asana has helpful features like project timelines, calendars, tags, and searches to stay organized.


For Kanban-style project management, Trello utilizes boards, lists, and cards to visualize projects. It’s easy to drag and drop tasks through workflow stages in Trello. Features like attachments, due dates, labels, and comments help productivity. Trello integrates nicely with other apps too.


With message boards, group chats, to-dos, schedules, and more, Basecamp brings everything together in one place. Excellent for communication and project management, Basecamp helps remote teams work efficiently. Automatic check-in questions and reminders also assist with keeping everyone aligned.


Monday.com provides teams with customizable project management boards to match their workflows. With an intuitive interface, it’s simple to configure Monday.com boards for any use case. Handy integrations, automation, and reporting dashboards make Monday.com a powerful option.

File Sharing & Cloud Storage

Accessing files and documents is crucial when working remotely. These file-sharing and cloud-storage software tools help:

Google Drive

As a staple of Google Workspace, Google Drive offers abundant secure cloud storage. Easily store, share, and collaborate on files in Drive. With top-notch editing capabilities through G Suite apps, Drive helps productivity.


Dropbox delivers robust cloud storage along with great collaboration features like Dropbox Paper and Dropbox Showcase. Seamlessly sync files across devices and share docs securely with Dropbox, an essential tool for remote work.

Microsoft OneDrive

Deeply integrated with Microsoft 365, OneDrive provides ample cloud storage and smoother sharing. OneDrive Files On-Demand helps you access files without downloading them. OneDrive facilitates remote collaboration across teams.


The box goes beyond cloud storage, providing content management and collaboration software tools. With advanced security controls, detailed permissions, and external app integrations, Box helps teams work together from afar. Uploading, accessing, and sharing files is simple with Box.

Software Tools for Remote Work

Time Tracking & Productivity Software

Staying on track with your time and keeping productivity levels high is key when working remotely. Try these useful software tools:


Toggl provides user-friendly and precise time tracking. With robust reporting, you can analyze how you spend your time. Browser and mobile apps, along with integrations, make Toggl a handy tool for tracking your work time.


RescueTime helps you understand your daily habits so you can focus and be more productive. Automatic time tracking across devices and detailed reports give insights into how you spend your day. Use the insights to minimize distractions and get stuff done.


Using science-optimized music, Focus@Will helps boost your concentration while working. Just play tunes from Focus@Will and the algorithm picks songs to help you focus and stay productive. Blocking distractions while listening aids effectiveness.


Freedom allows you to block distracting websites so you can stay on task. Set up schedules to limit access to social media, games, news sites, and other pings. Freedom helps reinforce good habits while working remotely.

Video Conferencing & Webinar Software Tools

When collaborating and connecting with your team remotely, having software tools tailored for video meetings and webinars is important:


Our top pick for video conferencing, Zoom was built for remote teams. Host quality meetings with reliable video and audio. Share screens and coordinate for more engaging video calls. Zoom also enables webinars for presentations and events.

Google Meet

Part of Google Workspace, Google Meet simplifies video conferencing with easy joining and screen sharing. For webinars, Meets supports up to 100,000 livestream viewers within your organization. Live captions also help make Meets video meetings more accessible.


GoToMeeting offers a professional meeting solution supporting up to 3,000 attendees. Easily host team huddles or large-scale webinars. Multiple presenters, drawing tools, polls and more allow interactive and engaging sessions.


Specifically geared toward webinars, Demio provides stellar visual tools for hosting webinars. Create sleek custom branding, polls, quizzes, and more. Demio also handles capacity management, registration, and reporting smoothly.

Remote Access & Desktop Software Tools

To stay connected to your devices while working remotely, using the right remote access and desktop software tools is a must:


TeamViewer allows you to remotely access any PC, Mac, or mobile device quickly and securely. Control a computer remotely to provide IT support or collaborate online. Respond immediately from anywhere with TeamViewer.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Part of Windows, Microsoft Remote Desktop provides easy remote access to a PC. Securely work on your desktop apps, files, and network resources from afar through any device. Simple and reliable Windows remote desktop access.


Splashtop streamlines remote access between devices, enabling remote work. Get high-performance remote connectivity to computers and mobile devices across platforms. Collaborate in real-time by remotely viewing and controlling devices.


LogMeIn delivers remote desktop access through products like LogMeIn Pro. Remotely control computers via mobile and web apps. Also provides remote IT support and management capabilities. LogMeIn makes working remotely painless.

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Security Software Tools

Protecting team data and devices should be a priority, especially when working remotely. bolster security with these software options:

Norton Security

Norton 360 provides all-in-one multi-layer protection through antivirus, firewall, cloud backup, password manager, VPN and more. Safeguard devices against malware, phishing, and other threats when working remotely.


Generate and store strong, random passwords with LastPass. Ensuring use of unique passwords on all accounts is crucial when remote. LastPass also enables sharing passwords securely across teams.


ExpressVPN allows you to browse the web more privately and securely through encrypted internet connections. By routing traffic through secure VPN servers, ExpressVPN hides IP addresses and locations. Critical protection when using public networks.


1Password offers password management and secure document storage for teams. Safely share passwords, keys, notes, and files within your team. Powerful end-to-end encryption keeps data protected across devices.

Remote Work Software Tools Wrap Up

Working remotely introduces new challenges, but can also provide amazing benefits like flexibility and better work-life balance. Having the right Software Tools is imperative in order to work productively and collaboratively while remote. Use this beginner’s guide to choose the best software options for your needs across communication, productivity, collaboration, security, and more. The top software picks here will set you up for remote work success.

With an effective software stack supporting your team’s needs, remote work can be highly effective and even more enjoyable. The variety of solutions available today makes it possible for teams everywhere to work cohesively from anywhere. Determine what’s most important for your team’s workflow and try out a few of these recommended software tools to enable great remote experiences.

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