Top 15 Power BI Project Ideas For Practice 2024

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A powerful tool for transforming raw data into insightful reports and visualizations is Power BI. It offers a user interface and impressive features making it an essential platform, for individuals to enhance their skills through projects. By participating in Power BI projects both beginners and experts can greatly improve their abilities. In this article, we will delve into the 15 Power BI project suggestions, for practice in 2024 designed to cater to levels of expertise.

Sales Dashboard for Retail Store

An engaging retail store sales dashboard is a great way to get started with Power BI desktop. For this project, you can download a sample retail sales dataset that contains historical transactional data of items sold at different store locations over several years.

Some key reports and charts you can create as part of this sales dashboard project include:

  • Total revenue by year and product category over time
  • Sales by store and geographical location
  • Top and bottom-performing products
  • Sales target variance analysis
  • Discount analysis
  • Peak shopping times and days

Creating visually appealing charts on sales metrics along with drill-down capabilities will greatly enhance this dashboard while letting you practice Power BI DAX and modeling skills.

Digital Marketing Campaign Analysis

For digital marketing initiatives to increase conversions and return on ad spend (ROAS), performance analysis is essential. For this project, an interactive Power BI report that measures important campaign KPIs over time across several channels—such as search ads, social media platforms, email campaigns, etc.—will be built.

As part of this project, you can:

  • Connect to marketing datasets from platforms like Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, etc.
  • Build funnel visualization of user journeys across channels
  • Analyze traffic metrics, costs, conversions and ROAS
  • Compare campaign performance by channel, geography, budgets and more

Creating this digital marketing analytics dashboard will allow you to practice merging data from different sources, optimization and modeling techniques in Power BI.

Human Resources Analytics Dashboard

HR analytics remains a focus, for organizations of all sizes. If you’re someone whos learning Power BI working on an HR dashboard project can be an opportunity to grow your skills. For sample data, you can download HR datasets comprising staff or employee information from multiple years.

Power BI

Some key reports and visualizations to include in this project are:

  • Employee headcount and attrition by department and location
  • Recruitment metrics analysis
  • Employee choropleth map by city/country
  • Training hours utilization and analysis
  • Compensation and benefits dashboard
  • Employee acquisition and turnover cost reporting

Assembling these HR metrics into interactive Power BI dashboards with drilling across multiple reports will allow practical application of DAX calculations and modeling approaches.

Cryptocurrency Price Dashboard

For finance professionals or cryptocurrency enthusiasts, fetching live or historical digital currency data like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. and building an analytical dashboard in Power BI can make for an exciting project.

Some possible reports and visuals to include:

  • Crypto price data over custom periods
  • Market capitalization comparisons
  • Trading volumes by exchange
  • Top performing cryptocurrencies
  • Correlations with global financial markets
  • News and social sentiment analysis

This project can showcase how to ingest real-time data feeds, create advanced DAX measures and use custom visuals in Power BI.

Budget vs Actuals Variance Reporting

Budget vs actual analysis is central to financial planning and control processes in any organization. Constructing a dynamic variance reporting dashboard in Power BI allows for practicing effective data modeling approaches. For this project, you can use sample budget vs actual Excel templates available online covering revenues, costs, profitability, etc.

Some interesting reports can include:

  • Department-wise profit analysis
  • Expense category variances waterfall chart
  • Budget vs actual charts over time
  • Variance heatmaps
  • Drill down by accounts and months
  • Comments and insights on major variances

Apart from modeling skills, calculating variances using DAX will be the key to learning from developing this budget vs actual dashboard.

Supply Chain Analytics

Gaining hands-on exposure on supply chain analytics dashboards is invaluable for BI professionals. For mock data, you can download sample supply chain datasets with product information, inventory, transportation, procurement, sales and operational planning (S&OP) metrics from online repositories.

Supply Chain Analytics

You can analyze these supply chain metrics in Power BI:

  • Inventory analysis by location and product
  • Demand forecast accuracy and error rates
  • Transportation and logistics KPIs
  • Vendor scorecard and performance analysis
  • Manufacturing quality metrics and Six Sigma dashboard
  • S&OP tracking and what-if analysis capabilities

Blending data from ERP and operational systems to create integrated supply chain analytics in Power BI will enable practicing transformation and modeling skills.

Customer Segmentation Analysis

Customer segmentation is used extensively in sales and marketing to categorize customers into groups that help customize engagement and targeting. This high-value Power BI project involves connecting to a sample customer database and developing a segmentation model using attributes like demographics, behavior, spending patterns, preferences etc.

Some potential ways for analysis:

  • Cohort analysis by signup date
  • Behavioral segments such as high-value, returning, or churned customers
  • Purchase frequency and probability distributions
  • Geographic spending potential indicators
  • Predicting customer lifetime value bands
  • Target marketing budgets by segment

Delivering these segmentation capabilities can showcase the application of machine learning and modeling techniques in Power BI.

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Product Sales and Profitability Analysis

Product managers need trusted visibility into sales patterns, customer behavior, product performance metrics and profitability drivers to make informed decisions. As a Power BI project, you can connect to e-commerce or retail sales datasets containing information on transactions, product reference data, promotions, returns etc.

Examples of such a dashboard include:

  • Sales summary by product categories, customers
  • Store vs online sales comparisons
  • Customer returns rate analysis
  • Segments and demographics buying a product
  • Multi-dimensional analysis of sales numbers
  • Product margin waterfall chart
  • Actionable insights on improving product mix

Developing this end-to-end product reporting dashboard provides well-rounded exposure on creating data models and reports tailored to business requirements.

Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics spans a variety of metrics related to reaching, engagement levels, influencers, topics of discussion, sentiments etc. related to brands on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As a BI developer, you can pick sample social media files or scrape online APIs into Power BI to visualize these metrics.

Social Media Analytics

Some interesting visualization possibilities include:

  • Overall follower growth and engagement rates
  • Content engagement matrix by type
  • Network analysis diagrams of followers/influencers
  • Topic clouds and discussion themes
  • Share of voice vs competitors
  • Location-based engagement patterns
  • Sentiment analysis over time

Assembling these reports can help practice capabilities like web data extraction, text and image analytics using Power BI.

Banking and Financial Reporting

Whether you are a finance professional or simply interested in developing analytical models around banking and financial data, Power BI has many in-built pre-canned dashboards for the same. You can enhance these further by connecting data from sources like bank account transactions, investment portfolios, financial statements etc.

Some sample dashboard views include:

  • Personal banking summary with spending insights
  • Investment portfolio analysis by type
  • Bank peer analysis using financial ratios
  • Building a budget forecast model
  • Real estate investment analysis
  • Advanced interest cost models
  • Animated financial charts

Using banking and financial data allows you to explore varied custom visualizations and modeling features in Power BI through practical exposure.

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Procurement Analytics

Procurement reporting provides spend visibility and helps drive better supplier management across purchase categories. Using sample data with supplier and contract details, transaction information and reference data around procurement processes from ERP systems, interesting dashboards can be built in Power BI.

This project offers opportunities to model data and analyze:

  • Spend analysis across parts/services procured
  • Supplier price benchmarking
  • Contract tracking and compliance reporting
  • Purchase order cycle time analysis
  • Inventory returns and rectification trends
  • Tail spend reporting by the number of suppliers

Developing procurement analytics capabilities enables practicing aggregation, calculation and drill-down techniques in Power BI.

Project Management Dashboard

Data-driven project management ensures on-time, within-budget delivery while proactively identifying risks. Sample project plan data can be modeled in Power BI comprising workstreams, milestones, resources, issues, schedules etc. along with visualization possibilities like:

  • Gantt charts for work tracking
  • Milestone progress reports
  • Resource utilization heatmaps
  • Budget vs actual expenditure
  • Forecasting project completion
  • Drill downs into project issues and risks

Assembling an end-to-end project management dashboard allows you to explore varied charting formats in Power BI.

Call Center Analytics

With IVR and call recordings generating terabytes of call data, visualizing and analyzing this information can unlock customer service insights for call centers. Using sample call center data files containing details of call volumes, durations, waiting times, issues raised, resolution times etc., an integrated dashboard can be built in Power BI.

Some interesting reports include:

  • Calls and issues summary
  • Seasonality analysis by day and time
  • Service agent performance dashboard
  • Customer effort score analysis
  • Customer NPS relationship analysis
  • Utilization of call center resources
  • identifying problem call types

Creating these call center analytics visualizations can help practice advanced modeling and analytics techniques in Power BI desktop.

Weather Analytics

Connecting to current and historical weather data from online sources and visualizing various weather parameters across geographies over time can make for an engaging Power BI project.

Weather Analytics

Some possibilities include:

  • Weather dashboard with latest readings
  • Daily, monthly and yearly temperature variances
  • Mapping Max, Min temperatures across cities
  • Correlating weather with retail sales patterns
  • Predicting umbrella sales using forecast data
  • Blending weather data with crop or travel datasets

This project enables showcasing amalgamation capabilities across data sources as well as forecasting functions within Power BI.

Healthcare and Patient Analytics

Healthcare is fast emerging as a high-impact area for Power BI implementation by hospitals and medical providers. For a practice use case, you can connect to sample patient data files containing details of hospital admissions, medical conditions, treatment costs, etc., and construct analytical views.

Some sample reports can be:

  • Patient admissions summary by cause
  • Seasonality trends identification
  • Patient length of stay analysis
  • Healthcare pricing dashboard across treatments
  • Hospital capacity utilization reporting
  • Clinical outcome comparisons

As the sheer diversity and size of patient and administrative data expands, this project allows you to explore healthcare templates and use cases for Power BI.


Using any of these Power BI project ideas and examples allows hands-on exposure to end-to-end BI report and dashboard development skills spanning across data preparation, transformation, data modeling and effective data visualization.

You can start exploring these projects based on your experience levels, domain knowledge and data availability. Tracking your learning progress while developing multiple dashboards will help identify knowledge gaps to upgrade Power BI skills in a steady, structured manner even if you are just a beginner.

These projects can also form impressive portfolio pieces to showcase your work and get noticed by recruiters and BI leaders in any industry.

So go ahead, acquire sample datasets, start building analytics on domains you are passionate about and let your Power BI skills soar!

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