What is in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

– AI simulates human intelligence. – ML enables computers to learn from data.

1: Introduction to AI and ML

– AI encompasses ML and more. – ML is a data subset of AI focused on learning.

2: AI vs. ML

– Narrow AI: Focused on specific tasks. – General AI: Mimics human intelligence.

3: Types of AI

– ML algorithms learn from data. – Supervised, unsupervised, reinforcement learning.

4: Machine Learning Basics

– Subset of ML using neural networks. – Powering breakthroughs in AI.

5: Deep Learning

– AI understanding and generating human language. – Key for chatbots, translation, and more.

6: Natural Language Processing (NLP)

– AI interpreting and understanding visual information. – Driving advancements in image recognition.

7: Computer Vision

– AI powering robots to perform tasks. – Revolutionizing industries like manufacturing.

8: Robotics

– ML forecasting future outcomes. – Widely used in finance, healthcare, and more.

9: Predictive Analytics

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