G20 to announce major multilateral initiatives

The G20 summit will be held in Bali, Indonesia from November 15-16, 2023

Three major initiatives to be announced

The three initiatives are: – Middle East infrastructure corridor – Global biofuels alliance – Scaled up Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment

Middle East infrastructure corridor

The Middle East infrastructure corridor will connect Europe, Asia, and Africa through new roads, railways, and energy projects

Global biofuels alliance

The Global biofuels alliance will promote the development and use of sustainable biofuels

Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment

The Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment will mobilize private capital to fund infrastructure projects in developing countries.

Summit to be held under shadow of Ukraine war

The summit will be held under the shadow of the Ukraine war, which has caused a global energy crisis and food shortages.

Leaders to discuss ways to mitigate impact of war

The G20 leaders will discuss ways to mitigate the impact of the war on the global economy.

G20 to issue communique after summit

The G20 leaders will issue a communique after the summit, outlining their commitments to address the challenges facing the global economy.