How to Learn Generative AI From Scratch in 2024

1. Introduction to Generative AI

– Discover the world of Generative AI. – Explore its applications and impact.

2. Basics of AI and ML

– Understand fundamental AI concepts. – Learn about machine learning algorithms.

3. Neural Networks Overview

– Dive into the workings of neural networks. – Explore their role in Generative AI.

4. Generative Models Exploration

– Study GANs, VAEs, and more. – Understand their architectures and applications.

5. Python Programming for Generative AI

– Develop coding skills in Python. – Implement Generative AI algorithms.

6. Hands-on Projects

– Apply theory to practice. – Build your own Generative AI projects.

7. Pre-trained Models and Transfer Learning

– Utilize pre-trained models efficiently. – Master transfer learning techniques.

8. Customization and Fine-tuning

– Customize models for specific tasks. – Optimize performance through fine-tuning.

9. Ethical Considerations

– Discuss ethical implications of Generative AI. – Address biases and fairness.

10. Future Trends and Applications

– Explore emerging trends. – Discover new applications of Generative AI.

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