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Hello friends, all of you are welcome to my website under this post today, I will give you all the information related to the CPU.


The CPU is called the brain of the computer, the CPU is the main part of the computer. CPU is also called a Computer’s Processor or Microprocessor. All the software of the computer is installed in the CPU itself, through which all the functions of the computer are controlled. The CPU handles guidelines got from all the equipment and programming associated with the PC. What’s more, subsequent to getting directions and data got from Input Devices, measures it and gives the outcome.

A little however vital piece of the CPU PC, which stays in the motherboard. The CPU takes care of its job with the assistance of three assistive gadgets. Which are the accompanying, through which CPU manages its job: –

  • Memory

  • Control unit

  • ALU

What is the CPU?

The CPU’s full name is the Central Processing Unit. We also call a CPU a processor or microprocessor. The CPU controls and directs various devices connected to the computer. The CPU performs further tasks only by analyzing the information received by the computer. Cpu is an electronic microchip that processes data by transforming it into information. CPU is also called the brain of the computer. The computer controls all the functions of the system, and it converts the input into an output. This input makes up the entire computer system consisting of the output unit.

CPU history

The first CPUs were made by Intel company in 1971 by Ted Hoff, named Intel 4004. Talking about this processor, 2300 transistors were used in it. Which was made using the PMAS technology.

Processor History

  • Intel Pentium – 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Dual-core

  • Core i3

  • Core i5

  • Core i7

Components of a CPU

The CPU mainly consists of 3 components.

  1. ALU (Arithmetic Logic Unit): – It performs arithmetic, mathematical and logical operations.

  2. Memory: – This unit can store guidelines, information, and middle of the road results.

  3. CU (Control Unit): – First of all it extracts the instruction from memory, and decodes it, and executes it.

1. Arithmetic Logic Unit

Arithmetic Logic Unit performs Arithmetic Calculation and Logical calculation, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and <,>, =, yes or no.

2 . Memory

Saves the CPU’s memory input and output date. Which can be used in further work.

3. Control Unit

The Control Unit controls the work being done on the computer. And maintains synergy between input and output devices, and all activities of the Arithmetic Logic Unit. So that the work gets done easily and in minimum time.

CPU Location

CPU Kya hai

If we talk, the size of the Processor is very small, just like a microchip, which remains in the CPU along with the motherboard. Apart from this, many other components are also attached to the motherboard such as RAM, Hardisk, and more.

What Is Core In Processor?

A core is a CPU, which is a computing unit or chip inside the processor, which is known as a solitary center processor. The force of the processor relies upon the Gigahertz (GHz), that is, the quicker the processor, the more Gigahertz (GHz) it will figure.

What are dual-core, quad-core, octa-core processors?

If there is more burden on the Single Core Processor than it used to hang, so to increase its efficiency, additional cores are put in the processor, based on their number, the names of the processors are called, so let’s know about these –

  • One Core – Single Core Processor

  • Dual Core Processor – Dual Core Processor

  • Four Core Meaning – Quad-Core Processor

  • Six Core Meaning – Hexa Core Processor

  • Eight Core Meaning – Octo Core Processor

  • Ten Core Meaning – Deca Core Processor

CPU work

Often many of you people will have this question that, how does this CPU work? As you all would know, it is not possible to do anything without a CPU. So let us, therefore, know what this CPU work is after all. By the way, every year many changes and improvements are made in the CPU function, but there are some basic functions that are still the same, such as: –

  • Fetch: – In this, the instruction given by us is received, and it is sent to the CPU by RAM. I understood in simple language, whatever we give to the task the computer is first fetched into CPU by fetch.

  • Decode: – Tells the CPU in the decoding process, which instructions to complete, so that the CPU can execute it, after fetching, the CPU sends that instruction to the circuit, which is called Decode. I understood in simple language, the Decode process tells what tasks the CPU has to start.

  • Execute: – Decoded instruction is sent to the relevant parts of the CPU to be compiled, then the result is corrected in the CPU register, where later the instruction is completed.

How does CPU work?

Often many of you people will have this question that, how does this CPU work? As you all would know, it is not possible to do anything without a CPU. So let us, therefore, know how this CPU ultimately works: –

  1. As you all know, whenever a task is assigned to a computer, it first fetches data from RAM.

  2. He then decodes the given instruction and tells us what to do.

  3. After that, the task is completed by further processing the received instruction. Which is received as input.

Which is the best CPU?

You all know that there is a lot of CPU available in the market today, but when we go to pick, we get confused about which one to take. So to overcome this confusion, here I have mentioned some CPU names which according to us are the best: –

  • Intel® Core ™ i5-8600

  • AMD Ryzen 5 1600

  • AMD Ryzen 5 2600X

  • Intel® Core ™ i5-8600K Desktop Processor

  • Intel® Core ™ i7-8700K Desktop Processor

Main CPU Manufacture

Following are some of the manufacturers of computer microprocessor –

  • Intel

  • Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

  • Qualcomm

  • IBM


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