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Friend, in today’s, are smart technology, everyone has some device like computer, mobile, laptop etc and all of them have a unique Ip address, these addresses are different. For example, by looking at the IP, it is known that it is connected to an address, so today let us know through this article that what is the IP address,
how does it work? Etc. many things.

 What is IP Address ?


Full name of IP address Internet Protocol Address it happens. IP is a group of communication on the Internet in which we connect through mailing, video streaming or
website and IP Address identities the network or the device on the Internet. In today’s time, the computer cannot be connected to the Internet or any network without an IP address. It means that a code is required to connect your computer, mobile or any device to the Internet, through which your location and network is known and
this code is called IP Address. The IP address is very important for every device that communicates with another device and exchanges data with another device. Whenever we do some search on Google or any search engine, you can nd it only with the help of an IP address. Now you how it is to be thinking friends whenever you can search it for keywords IP address withGo to a server and then that server detects your IP address and gives the result. The IP address is a four-digit code and each digit is separated by a decimal sign and each part of the IP address has numbers up to 0 to255 digits like 192.168.1.XXX is the IP address and This is the fourth version of IP Address so it is also called IPV4.

What is the type of IP address?

There are mainly 4 types of IP addresses 

1. Private IP Address 

2. Public IP Address 

3. Static IP Address 

4. Dynamic IP Address 

So now let us know about these and what they do 

1. Private IP Address : –  This is the address of your device which is connected to the home network and if you have different devices connected to the same ISP, then all your devices will have a different Ip Address. They are not directly connected to the Internet and they are also not routable. You can nd out the private IP address of your device using some techniques. window user go to your command prompt and click ipconfig command and if you are a MAC user then you enter the ipconfig command in the Terminal app. 

2. Public IP Address : – These are addresses that are directly connected to the Internet or can say that they are routable. We have to buy these IP addresses and for this, we have to pay some money to IANA. IANA means Internet Assign Number Authority which takes care of the configuration of everyone related to IANA. You can know your public IP address by visiting the site  supportally.com

3. Static IP Address: – The   IP address you manually configure and connect to your device’s network is called Static IP Address. It belongs can not be changed Your IP Address repeatedly and all private and public IP address static and dynamic. 

4. Dynamic IP Address: – When connecting router with the internet, Dynamic IP Address is automatically configured and assigns the network and this distribution of IP Address is managed by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). Under this, your IP address keeps changing frequently. 

How to know your Mobile IP Address? 

To know your IP address, you have to first go to Google’s search engine and search by typing My IP there and after that a page will open in front of you which will contain the IP address of your device. 

How to find the location of IP address? 

To find the location through any IP address on the Internet, run according to the steps given below. First of all, you go to IP Logger’s site through this link
Now you will get to see 3 options

 Invisible logger: – This is the most popular way to nd out the IP address of any person, in this you get a link which you have to send to the person whose location of the IP address you want to nd and as soon as it gets that link Clicking on it, her sari details will come to you. 

 View Logger: – In this, you have to enter the IP Logger ID to nd the details of the person whose IP address you want to know.

 Url / Image: – This is the simplest and easiest way to know the location of the IP address, you have to enter a link in it, after that you will get a link from the IP Logger and you will have to send this op link to that person and as He will click on that link and you will get all the details.

What is the difference between IPV4 and IPV6 ?

Friends IPV4 is 32bit and IPV6 is 128bit.  And bit are the smallest unit of computer memory and 4 bits together become 1 Nibble i.e. 1 Nibble = 4 Bits. 

IPV4 is the older version. The same IPV6 is its updated version. 

 IP Address


The biggest reason for bringing IPV6 was that IPV6 provides more a number of IP addresses than IPV4. In today’s time, the number of all devices are increasing so much and are constantly connected to the Internet, so it is very important for everyone to have a separate address, so it is very beneficial to provide an IP address. 

Where IPV4 shows its address in a 32-bit numerical number which is represented by a tens sign such as or, The addresses in IPV6 are in trillions, so they are shown in Hexa decimals as in 3fge: 1800: 4545: 3: 3100 


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