Which is the most popular programming language in 2024?

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If you’re new, to coding and want to know which programming language is worth learning in 2024 you’ll often come across the question; “Which language’s the useful?” Given the introduction of languages, frameworks and libraries it can be challenging to stay updated on what skills are, in high demand. In this beginners guide we’ll explore the eight languages and assist you in deciding which one would be the best use of your time this year.

1. JavaScript

First on the list is JavaScript. JavaScript has been a technology, for creating web pages for a long time. Although it is commonly associated with front end development JavaScript is also widely embraced on the back end through Node.js. As web applications grow increasingly intricate having an understanding of JavaScript has become more crucial as we move into 2024.

2. Python

Python is widely regarded as a choice, for beginners due to its syntax that closely resembles the English language. It is a programming language that finds applications in data analysis, machine learning and general purpose programming. Learning Python can pave the way for opportunities in cutting edge fields, like AI and big data. Over the decade Pythons popularity has consistently. With more businesses embracing AI solutions possessing Python skills becomes increasingly advantageous.


3. Java

Java, while not as beginner-friendly as Python, is still an extremely relevant programming language in 2024. As the foundation of Android app development and the chosen language for building robust enterprise applications, Java programming skills remain in high demand. For those interested in back-end development, DevOps engineering, or mobile app creation, Java is a critical language to learn.

4. C#

While not as ubiquitous as Java, C# is another viable option in 2024 for those interested in app development. C# dominates the world of Windows desktop applications and game development with Unity. As companies modernize legacy applications, C# and .NET skills will be necessary to upgrade Windows-based programs to web apps. Considering its versatility across applications, cloud computing, gaming, and more – C# will continue its popularity ascent.

5. C and C++

For those looking to understand how software actually interacts with hardware, C is the original programming language that still underpins systems in 2024. Operating systems, embedded devices, cybersecurity systems, supercomputers, and cloud infrastructure rely extensively on C and C++ code. Though they have a steeper learning curve, mastering C/C++ means unlocking the ability to build and optimize at the lowest level.

6. Go

Developed by Google, Go (or Golang) is a relatively new systems-level language gaining traction for building web-based applications. It improves upon C++ by offering greater speed, efficiency, and stability for operating cloud-native, networked apps. As microservices and APIs continue to grow in 2024, Golang offers a faster alternative to JavaScript for creating secure web services. Its newcomer status makes it a shrewd bet for the future.

7. Swift

If you’re interested, in pursuing iOS mobile development it’s crucial to acquaint yourself with Swift, which’s Apples programming language that was first introduced in 2014. Swift has gained popularity as the go to option, for building native iOS applications. Though initially catered towards Apple, Swift has since expanded for creating app backends by integrating with popular frameworks like Vapor and Perfect. As mobile development continues trending up, Swift will retain its position thanks to Apple’s commitment to the language.

8. SQL

SQL (Structured Query Language) underlies nearly every modern application by powering relational database systems like Oracle, MySQL, and Microsoft SQL Server. As companies gather more data and customer information, SQL database administration is a crucial skillset in 2024. Even for front-end web developers, basic SQL knowledge for querying data will be a useful tool going forward.


Hopefully this beginner’s guide has shed some light on the programming language landscape in 2024. For those just starting out, high-level languages like Python and JavaScript are likely the best entry points. But there are clear advantages to also learning Java, C#, and other object-oriented languages as your skills advance. Keep in mind that frameworks and libraries come and go – so focus foremost on core languages with staying power and versatility across many domains. Ultimately there is no single “right choice” when it comes to coding in 2024. Plan your path based on your specific interests and the direction you want your career to take. The in-demand programming languages outlined here should give you plenty of options.

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