Google Pixel 8a vs. Pixel 6a: Worth the upgrade (2024)

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Hey there, fellow tech enthusiasts. As we dive into another exciting year of smartphone innovations, Google’s latest release has caught my attention: the Pixel 8a. With the Pixel 6a still holding strong, many of you might be wondering, “Is it time to upgrade?” Let’s break down the differences between the Pixel 8a and Pixel 6a to help you make an informed decision.

Google Pixel 8a vs. Pixel 6a Specification

The specifications for the Google Pixel 8a and Google Pixel 6a:

Specification Google Pixel 8a Google Pixel 6a
Size 152.1 x 72.7 x 8.9 mm (6.0 x 2.9 x 0.4 in) 152.2 x 71.8 x 8.9 mm (5.99 x 2.83 x 0.35 in)
Weight 188 g (6.8 ounces) 178 g (6.28 ounces)
Screen Size 6.1 inch OLED 6.1 inch OLED
Screen Resolution 2400 x 1080 pixels (430 ppi), 120Hz, 2,000 nits peak brightness 2400 x 1080 pixels (429 ppi), 60Hz, 876 nits peak brightness
Operating System Android 14 with seven years of updates Android 12 with three years of OS updates, five years of security updates
Storage Options 128GB or 256GB 128GB
MicroSD Card Slot No No
Processor Google Tensor G3 / Titan M2 security coprocessor Google Tensor G1 / Titan M2 security coprocessor
Main Camera 64MP main camera 12.2MP main camera
Ultra-Wide Camera 13MP ultra-wide camera 12MP ultra-wide camera
Front Camera 13MP front camera 8MP front camera
Video Recording Up to 4K at 60 fps Up to 4K at 60 fps
Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth 5.2
Fingerprint Sensor Yes, in-display Yes, in-display
Water Resistance IP67 IP67
Battery 4,492mAh, 18W wired charging, 7.5W wireless charging (Qi-certified) 4,410mAh, 18W wired charging, no wireless charging
Color Options Obsidian, Porcelain, Bay, Aloe Chalk, Charcoal, Sage
Price From $499 $449 (at release)

This table provides a clear comparison of the key specifications between the Google Pixel 8a and Pixel 6a, making it easier to evaluate which device might be better suited to your needs.

Design and Display: Smooth and Bright

The Pixel 8a and Pixel 6a share a similar design language, but the Pixel 8a brings some notable refinements. The 8a features more rounded corners and a matte finish on the back, which not only looks sleek but also resists fingerprints better than the glossy finish on the 6a. Plus, the Pixel 8a offers more vibrant color options like Aloe (green) and Bay (blue), adding a touch of personality to your device.

When it comes to the display, both phones sport a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a 2400 x 1080 resolution. However, the Pixel 8a takes the lead with a 120Hz refresh rate compared to the 6a’s 60Hz. This means smoother scrolling, better animations, and an overall enhanced viewing experience. The Pixel 8a also boasts up to 2,000 nits of peak brightness, making it much easier to use in bright sunlight.

Google Pixel 8a Vs Google Pixel 6a

Performance: The Power of Tensor G3

Under the hood, the Google Pixel 8a is powered by Google’s latest Tensor G3 chip, while the Pixel 6a runs on the first-generation Tensor G1. The G3 chip not only improves performance but also brings a host of new AI-powered features. Coupled with 8GB of RAM (compared to the 6GB on the 6a), the 8a promises a smoother and more efficient user experience.

In terms of storage, the Google Pixel 8a offers two options: 128GB and 256GB. The Pixel 6a, on the other hand, only comes with 128GB. So, if you need more space for apps, photos, and videos, the Pixel 8a has you covered.

Camera: Capturing Moments with Clarity

Google’s Pixel phones are known for their impressive cameras, and the Pixel 8a is no exception. It features a 64MP main camera and a 13MP ultrawide camera, a significant upgrade from the 12.2MP and 12MP cameras on the Pixel 6a. The selfie camera also sees an improvement, with the 8a sporting a 13MP front camera compared to the 8MP on the 6a.

The Google Pixel 8a also introduces new software features like Best Take, which combines the best faces from multiple group photos into one perfect shot, and Magic Editor, which enhances photos with AI-powered filters and effects. These additions make the Google Pixel 8a a fantastic choice for photography enthusiasts.

Google Pixel 8a Vs Google Pixel 6a

Battery and Charging: Lasting Power

Battery life is always a crucial factor, and the Pixel 8a comes with a slightly larger 4,492mAh battery compared to the 4,410mAh battery in the Pixel 6a. Google claims the Pixel 8a can last “24 plus hours” on a single charge, although your mileage may vary depending on usage.

One notable improvement is the addition of wireless charging on the Google Pixel 8a, a feature missing on the 6a. Both phones support 18W wired charging, but the convenience of wireless charging is a welcome addition.

Software and Support: Future-Proofing Your Device

The Pixel 8a ships with Android 14 and promises seven years of OS, security, and feature updates. This is a significant upgrade from the Pixel 6a’s three years of OS updates and five years of security updates. If longevity and staying up-to-date with the latest features are important to you, the Google Pixel 8a is the clear winner.

Price and Availability: Is the Upgrade Worth It?

The Pixel 8a starts at $499 for the 128GB model and $559 for the 256GB version. While the Pixel 6a launched at $449, you can now find it for under $300 from various retailers.

Google Pixel 8a Vs Google Pixel 6a

So, is it worth the upgrade? If you value a smoother display, better camera capabilities, enhanced performance, and longer software support, the google Pixel 8aoffers significant improvements over the 6a. However, if you’re content with your current phone and are looking to save some money, the Pixel 6a remains a solid and capable device.


In conclusion, the Google Pixel 8a represents a substantial upgrade, especially for those who prioritize the latest tech advancements. Whether you decide to upgrade or stick with your Pixel 6a, Google’s Pixel lineup continues to impress with its balance of performance, camera quality, and software support. Happy upgrading.

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